WordPress SEO and website content production

SEO and content production for each site can be different depending on the business and the subject of that site, you can also leave us the review of target words and SEO technical principles, to help you find them or you can with Provide us with keywords and purpose to guide us in producing the best possible content.

Why do we need to produce SEO content? In general, SEO-based content is content that has a high potential for ranking in search engines. So if you want to get better rankings on Google, you need professional, complete and SEO content. In fact, no matter how beautiful, professional and standard your website is designed, it has no future and up-to-date content without proper content.

Features suitable SEO content

Copying is prohibited

This is what everyone knows, everyone! Copy content from competing sites, which does not have a positive effect, will hit the SEO site hard!

Use keywords to fit

The keywords of the site should be used logically and correctly in the content and articles of the site, but not to the extent that it annoys the user.

Logical connection Keywords

There should be a harmony and order between the contents of the site and the writing style should be coordinated, and of course the internal link should not be forgotten …

Principled publication of content

It is better for articles to be published at regular intervals and in a certain order so that both the user is informed and the content index speed is higher!


Cost of content production and site content SEO

As the cost of producing your website content is determined by the following factors, it is necessary to submit your request so that after reviewing, you will be contacted and the necessary arrangements will be made regarding the cost, delivery time and other issues.

The cost of producing content is determined by the following factors:

  1. Compilation or translation of content
  2. Whether it is specialized or general
  3. Number of words
  4. Total order volume

Steps to order content production and SEO?


Site and competitor analysis, needs assessment and submission of proposals and initial reports


Talk to the customer and achieve the final results for executive performance


Content production, troubleshooting and SEO principles within the specified range

Request advice and place an order

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