WordPress security

Website security configuration

Increasing the security of WordPress includes a complete review and security configuration services for your website in which suspicious and weak files through which there is a possibility of intrusion are optimized or deleted, and the site is equipped with a powerful antivirus and firewall, in addition These enable several features to increase the security of WordPress on your site.

The need to make security settings

There is always a risk of sites being hacked or caused by malicious code, because today hackers use their own experience to try to attack sites and pretend to be powerful. Using WordPress security configuration services, the site can be easily protected against various attacks or malicious code.

If your site is safe, we will check your website and make various settings to secure it. Dozens of specialized work is done on your site to stop 99% of attacks or protect the site from malicious code.

If your site has a security problem, we will first check your website, then search point by point and clean up viruses or virus sabotage, and finally a security configuration will be done to power your website so that Always be safe.

WordPress Security Configuration Service Request